Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day

My Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day

Having been part of many weddings, I’ve noticed some things that I believe are the most important ways to help your wedding day run smoothly, on time, and be a stress-free bride as a result! A lot of these things just take some planning but are SO worth it, to help you and your family really enjoy your wedding day!

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General Time Saving Tips

  • Start hair and makeup early. Ask your hair and makeup artist(s) how long they think it will take for you and the number of bridesmaids/mothers etc…then add on an hour. **This is super important to run on time because it is the first part of the day & you can’t really do anything until after hair and makeup is done. If this runs late, the rest of the day will be running late.
  • Tell all bridal party and family members to arrive 30 minutes earlier than they need to.
  • Make sure the bouquets and boutonnieres arrive on time (preferably early) for photos. And make sure someone knows how to pin on the guys’s boutonnieres. You will want these for bridal party photos.
  • Try on your wedding dress one last time after alterations before the wedding day, so you’re not making DIY alterations on your wedding day!
  • Find out your ceremony length and any venue rules – especially if you’re getting married in a traditional church. Let all the vendors know ahead of time.
  • Pass on having a receiving line after the ceremony. Wait and greet your guests during the reception! SUCH a huge time saver.
  • Assign a “photo wrangler” to help with family portraits after the ceremony who can help make sure all the family stays put for photos.



  • Have a plan for Transportation & Parking
  • Have a weather Plan B. Always!
  • Bags – what do you need to bring with you; what are you leaving in a room. Will that room be unlocked later? Make sure your honeymoon bags are packed.


Assign a Point Person for:

  • Marriage License
  • Rings
  • Dress bustler
  • Veil
  • Gifts, tips & paying vendors day of


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