5 Things to Remember When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

I absolutely love shooting outdoor weddings… they are so beautiful and romantic! There are definitely some things to make sure you think about though if you are planning an outdoor wedding. I have come up with five important ones to share with you today:

tips for planning an outdoor wedding

  1. Ceremony time.  Remember that the sun sets at different times at different times of the year. Here’s a trick though- you can just Google “sunset time date, city, state” and it will give you the exact time. This is really important if you’re having an outdoor ceremony so that you make sure it’s not dark. It’s very important to remember to plan for enough daylight for photos after the ceremony. If you want a ceremony as close to sunset as possible though, you can do a First Look and then you would be able to take all of the portraits before your ceremony.
  2. Plan B.  PLEASE plan an indoor option or tent as a backup! Especially in Florida, you never know what the weather might do. It’s always smart to have a good backup plan whether it ends up raining, just being too hot, or even too cold.
  3. Dress Style.  Do you want to get married outside in the summer but also thinking of wearing a long sleeve satin gown? Do you want the groomsmen in full tuxes? It’s up to you and the style you want, but it’s smart to consider how hot and uncomfortable you/your bridal party may feel. Most wedding dresses are HEAVY and hotter than they look!
  4. Items for your guests.  Water, bug spray, sunscreen, blankets… your guest will be SO appreciative (and will be able to listen to the ceremony without distraction) if you have items like this depending on the weather.
  5. Cake icing.  You don’t want your beautiful, expensive wedding cake to melt! Make sure to choose fondant icing instead of buttercream if it will be hot 🙂

Are you planning an outdoor wedding right now? Feel free to message me if you have other questions! I am here to help 🙂


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Tips for planning an outdoor wedding | St. Augustine Wedding Photographer

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