5 Tips to Look Your Best in Photos

Ladies, let’s be honest, being in front of the camera is not the easiest thing to do! I purposefully have MY photo taken often so that I put myself in my clients’ shoes to remind myself of how vulnerable it can feel. My goal is always to help make those feelings go away quickly and usually at the end of the session I hear comments like, “That wasn’t so bad! That was actually really fun!”

Today I want to share with you a few secrets for things you can do to look your best in front of the camera. These tips are things I use myself!

1.Don’t stand facing straight at the camera. Instead of having both knees locked, put your weight on your back leg (leg furthest from camera) and bend your leg that is closest to the camera. Also, angle your face instead of looking straight on. I always ask what is your “good side” (I know that’s important!) so will always have you on that side and angling your face in that way.

pink dress for engagement photos

2.Leave space between your arm and your side. You can put your hand on your hip, around your partner, or hold your dress. Just avoid pressing your arm tight against your body because that will make it appear bigger than it is.

engagement session outfit ideas

3.Do your real smile! Avoid close mouthed smiles, have fun, and laugh (I’ll help with this of course)! You will look happiest with your natural smile, I promise!

engagement session outfit ideas

4.Stand up straight. Hold your shoulders back, and try to lean in a little bit towards the camera with your head and top half of your body. It will feel a little strange but it looks great on camera!

engagement session outfit ideas

5.Wear flattering clothes. Flowy materials, neutral or pastel colors, and minimal prints/designs photograph best. Stay away from really tight clothing, fluorescent colors or bold patterns. See my Pinterest board for more outfit inspo

engagement session outfit ideas

I hope these tips are helpful! Taking photos should be FUN and I promise I will help you with these to look your absolute best! The most important tip though is to try not to worry so much, have fun, and know you are beautiful! <3


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