Make Sure You Do This on Your Wedding Day

You’ve heard it before- your wedding day will be a blur! Right? After so many months of planning for one day, it can definitely end up going by pretty quickly. Something you might not have heard before is that you may not actually spend much time with your new husband on your wedding day.

Wait, what?

If someone had told me that before I got married, I would not have believed them. But then our wedding week arrived. Wedding weeks can be a little bit crazyyet equally as exciting! There are a lot of last minute tasks, family starts getting into town, and the festivities begin. There isn’t always much time left over for quality time with your soon to be hubs. 

I remember back to my own wedding day- our ceremony wasn’t until 4:00 and we didn’t see each other at all that day until I walked down the aisle. At the reception we found ourselves kind of pulled in separate directions, each greeting our own extended family members and guests. It was so wonderful to see and talk to all our loved ones in one room!

Really the only part of the wedding day we were alone was during our bridal portraits. This is a big reason why I recommend my couples do a first look and have a good amount of time set aside for portraits. That way, you will actually have some time to soak in your wedding day together (and receive more photos). It is SO worth it.

I am here to help my couples as best I can, and one way I do this is by including a customized wedding day timeline in every package I offer. We map out the day together and I can help make sure you have enough time for what matters most to you on your big day. If you’d like more information or to book a complimentary bridal consultation, please click HERE.

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