How Many Bridesmaids Should You Have?

How many bridesmaids should you have? Ah, what a tough question, right? It can be difficult to choose which friends to have stand next to you on your big day. I’ve been there! You may want to ask them right after he proposes, but take some time to really think it through. Although there’s really no right answer because every bride and every wedding is so different, here are a few honest truths that may help you choose your number:

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How many wedding guests do you plan on having? 

Have you ever attended a smaller wedding and then saw 10+ bridesmaids standing up there? That can make guests feel kind of left out if you didn’t invite many friends to the wedding but have a huge bridal party. Likewise, though, if you have a large wedding, you shouldn’t feel pressure to have a bigger bridal party… but you can


Do you hate logistics and group messages? 

It takes work to coordinate everything with your bridesmaids throughout your entire engagement, and is way more time consuming when there are a lot of them. This can be especially more difficult if most/all of them live in different cities or states. So, say you have a demanding job, consider how much spare time you really have to be coordinating logistics with your bridal party.


Are you just asking her because you feel obligated to?

Is she best friends with your other bridesmaid? Is she a relative you’re not that close to? Is she your childhood best friend you planned your wedding with but now you’ve grown apart from? Don’t ask anyone just because you feel some sort of obligation. This day is yours, and it will be much more special with only your truly closest friends standing next to you.


Be honest with yourself…is this person in mind the life of the party BUT maybe also known to cause a lot of drama AND/OR is not always really there for you?

You might want to reconsider having her in your wedding. Weddings can be said to bring out people’s “true colors”, unfortunately, and there’s no need for more drama if you can prevent it.  If you’re on the fence about someone, invite her as a guest and you will have a great time dancing the night away at the reception!



Realize there are costs associated with your bridal party. Everyone is different as far as who pays for what, but let’s say you want to pay for their hair & makeup, a bridal brunch the day before, and of course their bouquets… that all adds up x the number of girls you have.


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