How To: Find the Right Ocala Newborn Photographer for Your Family

Ever since having my own baby in 2020, I’ve especially loved being an Ocala newborn photographer. Having been there before, I know what it’s like to be in that sweet newborn phase, having just brought baby home. I know how grateful I am to have those photos because I didn’t know at the time how much bigger my baby would be even just a week later.

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There are several newborn photographers in Ocala, and each photographer offers something unique. Newborn sessions are unlike any other portrait or family session, and this is not the time to let a “friend with a camera” try it out. This takes a lot of experience and requires much more technical skills.  There is much to consider, but here are my top 5 to look into:

  1. Editing style

    The two main types of editing styles can be defined as more Light & Airy (creamy whites, muted tones, low contrast, no bold colors, more film-like), or Dark & Moody (not as bright, darker tones, sometimes brown/hazel pigment, higher contrast, bold or deep colors).  There are variations to these of course, but these are the main two “camps”.  My style aligns most with Light & Airy.  You may also consider the overall feeling the imagery provokes, and how that editing style will age with time.

  2. Posing style

    Many newborn photographs include highly posed images of baby in cute little positions (if they cooperate!). Baby is frequently posed on a large round pillow, in little buckets, etc. These are done in a studio with various backdrops, and use flash photography.  This option may not include other family members with baby.  The other style is considered lifestyle, or baby-led. These types of photos are not as posed, do not use many props, or backdrops. Baby is typically swaddled and resting on a bed, blanket, Moses basket, or in mom’s arms. The photographer does not put baby into unnatural positions, but rather captures baby as they are. These can be taken in the family’s home and feature the nursery, or taken outdoors, or in a studio (often times, natural light). Flash photography is typically kept to an as-needed-only basis. This is the style I use for Brittany Bishop newborn photography.

  3. Location

    Some families come home from the hospital, the nursery isn’t finished yet, and they love the idea of going to a clean studio (and getting out of the house!). Others have spent months prepping the nursery and can’t wait to have its details photographed, along with baby in their new room. I offer both options to my families. I have an in-home natural light studio families are welcome to come to, or I can come to their homes, or even outdoors. My studio is an all white room with a large window to allow flattering natural light to pour in.

  4. Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup

    Before I became a mom myself, I didn’t realize how valuable a photographer’s client closet/ hair and makeup could be.  I had to have a friend do my makeup as I was running out of time before the photographer arrived. I had ordered a beautiful maternity dress online, and it did not fit… at all. Let me tell you- getting jeans on was physically painful and I had to change into pajama pants halfway through the session! I WON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU. I have curated a client closet full of flattering, flowy dresses in sizes XS-2XL (for all your portrait sessions with me). I also have outfits for baby including neutral knotted gowns, buttery-soft swaddles, tiny hairbows for girls, and my beloved Moses basket every client requests!  Not every photographer has a client closet, but some offer advice for what to wear. If they do, listen to their suggestions!  As far as hair and makeup? Trust me, you deserve this pampering from a professional who can help you look and feel your best, even on little sleep!

  5. Digitals vs product options

    We live in a digital world, so I definitely understand why people want digital images. I do too! However, after going through my own experience, I feel it’s almost a disservice to new mommas to only offer the full digital gallery with the session. Honestly, that’s the easiest thing to do as a photographer: shoot, send off, done. But then what? The client is left all on their own to figure out what to do with their photos. Time goes by, it gets pushed further down on the to-do list and your precious newborn images end up living on your phone. It’s also hard to find a quality printer with correct colors outside of a printing company solely servicing professional photographers. How do you know what size frame is going to look right on your wall? If you’re a visual person like me, this is very hard to do without buying a bunch and holding them up to see, then returning the others. Or waiting for the correct number of frames you want to all be in stock. This is why I offer custom framing and have software that will show you mockups of gallery walls to the correct scale in your home. What about a baby album? Designing albums is SO time consuming. I don’t know many mothers postpartum who were able to check that off their to-do list. Everyone WANTS photos of their baby to look at every day as they pass the frames in the hallway, or to flip through a custom designed heirloom quality album you’ll have forever. I often question where will my daughter find photos of her childhood? Who knows where the “Cloud” will be years from now. I knew I wanted her to have printed out tangible photos. And I want that for my clients too. So, does getting all the digital files included sound like the easy option? Maybe, at first. But my full service experience from wardrobe all the way to albums is what I believe every mother deserves.

Are you expecting? Have questions for me about newborn photography? I’m all ears- just send me a message here. 

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