AnnaReed turns ONE!

When Baby AnnaReed’s sweet momma contacted me to set up a first birthday family photo session, I was so excited.  This baby is BEAUTIFUL and I couldn’t wait to take photos of those baby blues!  I mean, who has eyes like that?!  This session was in a great location – University of Tampa right in the heart of Tampa, Florida, and was early in the morning before it got too hot (besides the lighting, the humidity is another great reason to shoot as early in the morning as possible – at least here in the Sunshine State)!  AnnaReed is a lucky little girl – her parents are so loving and adore her to pieces.  Her grandparents even came along to the shoot to be “cheerleaders” behind me, which definitely brought out a lot of cute smiles!  Gotta love grandparents 🙂  I am really looking forward to doing this sweet family’s Christmas photos in a couple months!

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