5 Reasons to Have Professional Photos Taken: Headshots

Our previous blog post in this series was on family photos (if you missed it, be sure to scroll down).  Today we are going to go over specific reasons to have professional photos taken in relation to headshots!

1) First Impressions

In this day and age, the first time you meet someone is not necessarily their first impression of you.  Thanks to the internet, people can look up your name and most likely find a picture of you before they meet you.  This isn’t just for Facebook or online dating profiles, this is for business as well.  Chances are, when you meet a new colleague or potential client, they’ve probably already seen a photo of you online.  Having a professional headshot is your chance to make that online first impression a great one!  A somewhat blurry, shadowy, camera phone photo of you won’t quite give off the same impression as an updated, professional headshot.  You may not think it matters too much, but it really does make a difference.

2) Help Make a Personal Connection

People need to be able to put a face to the name.  It just makes it easier when you are talking to someone to know what they look like and have that image in your mind.  If your business has a website (and you are an active part of your business), people will want to be able to contact you.  Having a headshot along with your name and contact information helps people make a personal connection.  It will also help them remember you better.  Not to mention, photos always improve a website!  If you own a company with a staff, having headshots of everyone will help your clients be able to know who they are talking to when they call.  It is an added personal touch, which, in today’s technological world, is value added!

3) LinkedIn

What if you work for a large company that could not possibly have all of its employees’ headshots on their website?  You probably still have a LinkedIn.  Professional headshots are imperative for LinkedIn!  LinkedIn is kind of like the professional world’s Facebook.  Your profile picture matters.  Plus, LinkedIn doesn’t exactly make it easy to find a good photo on your own with the small dimensions for the profile picture.  Leave it to a professional to take the kind of photo that would look best.  Employers and potential clients will have an easier time finding you and ensuring they’re talking to the right person if you have a good quality headshot as your photo.  Don’t have a job?  You probably are looking for one then.  They say you should dress for the job you want and your LinkedIn profile picture is your opportunity to show this to a future employer!

4) Speaking Engagements & Editorial Features

Can you be successful in your career without a professional headshot?  Probably.  But, successful people are often chosen to be keynote speakers at conferences, or featured in prestigious magazines.  For these opportunities, you will almost always be asked to provide a headshot.  If you are going to give a great talk, you deserve to have a great headshot that the attendees will see!  So, even if you don’t think you need one for your job, there are other times outside of work that call for one.  Make sure you have a professional headshot you aren’t embarrassed to show.  You don’t want an old headshot with an outdated hairstyle and clothing!

5) Stand Out from the Crowd

What if your type of job doesn’t usually have the standard studio headshot you are thinking of while reading this post?  Nowadays, a professional headshot can look a lot different than they all did then years ago.  Is an indoor studio photo not your style?  Choose a photographer that specializes in headshot photography that will make you (and your business) stand out!  A colorful, outdoor shot with natural lighting is modern and professional.  You could even take one out in front of your place of work to show it off in the background.  You can make a professional headshot have the image you would like to portray if you pick the right photographer.  I promise!


Convinced yet?  If you need an updated, modern headshot, Brittany Bishop Photography does a lot of them! Specializing in outdoor, natural light photography, my tag line for them is #NotYourAverageHeadshots  Book one today!

Stay tuned for my next blog post in this series!

– Brittany



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